Larry M. Goldstein is an independent U.S. patent attorney specializing in the areas of information and communication technologies. He is the author of two books, one about patent pools and the other about methods to determine the quality of patents.

His work experience and expertise are in five areas:

(1) Preparation & prosecution of patent applications in a wide variety of technical areas, including electronic communication, mobile applications, e-commerce, and security.

(2) Evaluation of the quality of existing patents and patent applications in electronic and mechanical technologies.

(3) Creation and operation of patent pools, particularly as related to patent essentiality and licensing agreements.

(4) Creation and operation of patent programs in technology companies, including creation of technical review committees and training of engineers in patent development.

(5) Expert witness work in the areas of FRAND patent licensing, patent evaluation, and the essentiality of patents to technical standards.

Previously, Mr. Goldstein was the General Counsel and Chief Patent Counsel at a patent brokerage firm, where he reviewed thousands of patents for possible licensing or sale, and prepared the technical and patent sections of Offering Memoranda. He contributed to the creation of the Third Generation (3G) W-CDMA patent pool, where he created the procedure for evaluating the essentiality of patents to the W-CDMA technical standard, and where he played a critical role in the negotiations for grant of a positive Business Review Letter from the Department of Justice. He has been a General Counsel of multiple technology companies, and has created patent programs at these companies to generate patentable ideas, document them, evaluate the ideas, and prepare applications. He has been an expert witness in four cases related to mobile communications, on behalf of companies such as Nokia, Broadcom, and Samsung.

Mr. Goldstein holds a JD from the University of Chicago Law School, an MBA from Northwestern University, and a BA from Harvard College. His technical education is in physics, from the University of Memphis.