Mr. Goldstein is a registered patent lawyer concentrating on the information and communication technologies.  He provides for clients:

(1)   High-quality patents. 

(2)   Evaluations of the quality of patents and patent portfolios.

(3)   In-house corporate programs to harvest high-quality patents.

(4)   Patent pools. 

(5)   Expert witness statements for trial, or to cross-examine other experts. 

  • (1) High-quality patents: Larry prepares and prosecutes patent applications, including the full range of activities associated with the patenting process, including:
    • Developing technical concepts with inventors,
    • Defining patent concepts, and focusing specifically on the words and phrases that will become key claim terms in the patent,
    • Drafting the application, with a continuous focus on high quality, and
    • Prosecuting the application to final grant.
  • (2) Evaluations of the quality of patents and patent portfolios: Defining the quality of specific patents and patent portfolios is often of critical importance to a client.  Larry strives to answer the core question, “What is the fundamental value of the patents under review?”  Each review is tailored to the specific needs of the client.
    • A review may include only claims, or entire patents, or patents plus prosecution history, according to the information needs and cost constraints of the client.
    • The product delivered to the client is a simple-to-read-and-use report that highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of the patents under review.  The report will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.
    • Reports may be directed at specific purposes, such as defining the scope of current infringement, or determining whether the claims of the patent are “essential” to a particular technical standard.
    • For portfolio studies, the report will also identify and explain the key patents that are the main drivers of value in the portfolio.
  • (3)   In-house corporate programs to harvest high-quality patents: Larry has extensive experience in creating in-house corporate programs to identify patentable ideas and obtain high-quality patents.  All aspects of in-house program may be included, such as:
    • Training of employees,
    • Creation and functioning of invention review committees,
    • Defining patent strategies,
    • Drafting applications or managing outside counsel, as requested, and
    • Managing portfolios to protect the key technical themes.

  • (4) Patent pools: Larry offers a variety of services for group licensing of intellectual property  through patent pools or other aggregations, including:
    • Evaluation of the essentiality of particular patent claims to implementation of a technical standard,
    • Drafting of reports and supporting materials to prove essentiality,
    • Creation of a patent evaluation essentiality proceeding, and
    • Review of licensing programs for compliance with antitrust rules.

  • (5) Expert witness services: Larry has served as a consulting witness in a variety of patent litigations. Larry has particular expertise of issues such as:
    • Patent quality, scope of coverage, infringement, and claim validity,
    • FRAND licensing terms & conditions,
    • Royalties for licensing, including both royalty base and royalty rate,
    • Patent essentiality (including review of essentiality studies),
    • The ETSI IPR Policy, and
    • Very strong expertise in analyzing prepared expert witness statements in preparation for trial and for cross-examination of such expert witnesses.


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