Ort Braude Presentation



Lecture at Ort Braude College of Engineering – November 8, 2013. This was a 35-slide, 90-minute presentation on intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets) to about 20 engineering and physics students in Carmiel, Israel.  Here is an outline of the presentation:

I.   What are Intellectual Property Rights?:
     1. Patents.
     2. Copyrights, copy lefts, mask works, and moral rights.
     3. Trade Names, trademarks, and service marks.
     4. Trade secrets.

II.  Evaluating Patents – True Patent Value:
     1. VSD: Validity, Scope, Discoverability.
     2. A Hierarchy of Value: Good, Valuable, and Very Valuable Patents.
     3. Cases:
         – Example 1: A billion dollar word.
         – Example 2: Confusion both side to side & up and down.
         – Example: A patent portfolio – time running out?

III. CONCLUSION: What really should you know about IP?