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New book pioneers systematic approach for defining patent value

     New York, New York (July 24th, 2013) – Patent attorney and expert in patent quality Larry M. Goldstein announced the launch of his new book “TRUE PATENT VALUE: Defining Quality in Patents and Patent Portfolios” The book pioneers a systematic approach for defining the intrinsic quality of patents, and answers the very commonly asked questions, “What is a high-quality patent?”, and “How can I know if my patent is good enough to create financial value?”

“With the increasing attention given to patents and intellectual property, it is surprising that until now, there has been very little guidance in defining the quality of patents,” commented Mr. Goldstein. “Financial value of a patent is based on the inner worth of the patent, and not the other way around. The higher the quality of the patent, the greater its financial value. As tens of billions of dollars are spent each year obtaining and litigating patents, we will see high-quality patents continuing to shape the business and technology landscape for the foreseeable future.”

The book will be invaluable for anyone serious about patents, including entrepreneurs, engineers, patent attorneys, patent agents, brokers, investors, analysts of high-tech companies, and corporate executives.

The book includes also:

  • Analysis of 20 case studies, covering more than 50 patents.
  • The three key factors that must be present in every patent review.
  • Technical areas likely to nurture strong patents.
  • Multiple ‘gateways to validation’ suggesting a patent has value, including victory in litigation, sale, essentiality to a technical standard, and extraordinarily strong citations in the later patents of other companies in the industry.
  • Factors used to judge a patent portfolio and its internal quality.

Larry M. Goldstein is a U.S. patent attorney and expert in patent quality, specializing in information and communication technologies. His current book TRUE PATENT VALUE, and his previously published book Technology Patent Licensing, are both currently available on For more information, visit


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