LES Presentation

TRUE PATENT VALUE: Defining Quality in Patents and Patent Portfolios.
Audio Presentation to the Content, Communications, and Internet Cloud (3CX) Committee of the Licensing Executives Society October 23, 2013
This was a 23-slide, one-hour presentation about patent quality, delivered by networked telephone call to about 35-40 licensing executives, patent attorneys, and patent analysts. 
Here is an outline of the presentation:
I. General Information:
1. Areas of Technology.
2. Methods of Valuation.
3. Standard Financial Methods.
4. Intrinsic Methods.
5. Hierarchy of Patent Value.
6. Gateways to Value.

II. Examples:
1. A billion dollar word.
2. A single essential component.
3. Confusion both side to side & up and down.

III. CONCLUSION: What is a “good patent”?