Chapter 8: “Guidelines for Developing An Organized Patent Licensing Arrangement for Standardized Technology”

[Summary of Chapter 8]:

Chapter 8 generalizes the experience presented in Chapters 6 and 7.  Ten specific rules are described for the creation any aggregated licensing program such as a patent pool or a patent platform. These rules describe specific actions to be taken from initial creation of the program up to the time of commercial launch. Taxation issues are explained. Advice is suggested for some of the main tasks.


[Brief Excerpt from Chapter 8, pp.304-305]:

In this final chapter, we will summarize the key points made throughout this book. We will discuss in particular:

  • First a summary of the core problem addressed by the need to license patent rights.
  • Second, a summary of the ten key steps required to plan, organize, and implement an arrangement for the licensing of patent rights [through a patent pool or a patent platform]…
  • Third, a list of some relevant considerations for each of the three major issues discussed in this book. These issues are:

(a) the evaluation of patent essentiality [to a technical standard],

(b) the definition of terms and conditions for licensing essential patents, and

(c) the attainment of approval from the relevant antitrust authorities.


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