A TABLE AGAINST MINE ENEMIES: Israel on the Lawfare Front

Publication of the new book, A Table Against Mine Enemies: Israel on the Lawfare Front (Gefen Publishing Co., Jerusalem, April 1, 2017, 310 pages).  The world is now witnessing what has been called a Revolution in Military Affairs, caused by the shift from symmetric to asymmetric war, the digitization & globalization of information, and the automation of war by robotics and cyber aggression.  In this new environment, “lawfare”, the use of law to intimidate and attack soldiers and politicians, has arisen as a new weapon.  With stories and charts, the book defines lawfare, explains the four fundamental laws of war, and presents scenarios for the future of war and attendant legal issues.  Many examples are drawn from the US, UK, and UN, but most of the discussion is based on Israel – legal issues of the Gaza wars, the separation barrier, the disputed territories, and the blockade against importation of killing weapons to Gaza.  The book has been called by the head of Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center, “groundbreaking…Essential for anyone wishing to understand lawfare and its increasing impact on Israel and the West”.